New Developed 20mm aluminum caps for USA and Germany high classic clients

20mm aluminum caps

new developed best GC caps with septa, compare to other China manufaturers.
which are:
—cleanner ,

20mm Crimp Aluminum cap has a better sealing effect, relative to screw cap, in the high-temperature test environment is more resistant to high temperature, can adapt to the different test environment. the best sealing performance of the jaws.

Why develop such hard strong caps?
1st, most USA and EU people like Germany clients remain prejudice of product made in China. there are high requiement area in developed countries, which don’t accept products less than normal quality level. Even some aspects are better than Western products, they would not choose.
2nd, there are high requirement demand from high-classic client requires Hamag to develop.
3rd, R&D is core for a company to keep improving.

Which steps do Hamag take to make new 20mm aluminum caps?
1st, have study advanced raw materials among the world, which type of aluminum rolls are better, test those materials.
2nd, how to process thoes aluminum roll in proper methods, how to control quailty and cleaness.
which temperatures to keep. etc etc, record all the test results and keep select and improve.
3rd, use those prototype caps to labs to test, see how it performance at certain application. and record and collect feedback to improve.
4th, use different type of crimpers to seal, and test the tightness, jaw results, etc. meansure the difference and improve accordingly. i.e, Hamag egonomic crimpers.

After finished develop, then we lunch news to the market to give cleaner, stronger, tighter caps for GC autosamplers.

Quick, convenient, and minimize contamination
20mm Crimp seals with prefitted septa for headspace vials
Seals with pre-inserted septa are convenient and minimize contamination due to handling
CapS is suitable for short-term and long term storage or where repeated access to the vial is required
One-piece Unlined Aluminum Crimp Seal.
Pressure Release Aluminum Seal.
Stay Intact during de-crimp off.

Post time: May-10-2022