HAMAG 13mm hydrophobic 0.22um Disposable PTFE membrane syringe filters

HAMAG 13mm hydrophobic 0.22um Disposable PTFE membrane syringe filters

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HAMAG offer diameter 13mm hydrophobic Pore size 0.22um syringe filters which are suitable for laboratory use. filter membrane is made from selected PTFE.
Hamag PTFE syringe filter is quick, convenient and reliable filtering tool for laboratory use. light weight, clean,sterile and naturally hydrophobic.

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Hamag Filters are mainly used for sample pre-filtration and clarification of removing bacteria and filtration of particles,liquids and gases . It is top choice to purify HPLC and GC samples, so that the analysis results are stable and continuous.

Hamag Filters has excellent heat resistance,wide chemical compatibility.

The shell is made of sanitary grade polypropylene with low dissolution and excellent chemical stability, ultrasonic welding ,edge bonding, no leakage with high pressure resistance.

Hamag Filters are designed to fit mouth of glass insert of 2ml autosampler vials. the fastest and effective method to filter directly to the micro sample vials without changing the membrane and filter,saving a lot of time.

Syringe filters are a cost-effective way to improve the quality of HPLC analysis, improve consistency, extend column life and reduce maintenancefrequency. By removing particulates before the sample enters the column, Navigator syringe filters allow unimpeded flow. Without particulates to create obstructions, Which will make HPLC column life time longer and help it work efficiently.

A small expense at testing process, a big return on your investment.


Name 13mm 0.22um PTFE syringe filters
Brand Name HAMAG
Model Number HMF-0034
Place of Origin China,Zhejiang
Material PTFE, PP
Color Clear
 Size Diameter 13 mm
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Sales support Free sample
Filtration area(cm2) 1.09
Wettability Hydrophobic
Maximum operating temperature 130 Degrees C
Bubble point (psi) 0.1
Burst pressure (psi) 87
Flow rate (ml/min@10psi) 6
Holdup volume 20
Volume throughput (ml) 10
Sterilization Autoclave: 121 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes
Gamma: 5kg, for 8 hours


- Transparent housing shell to oberserve the liquids.
- Small output diameter fitting glass insert
- Marked with OD and pole size
- PP shell with low dissolution
- Excellent heat resistance
- Wide chemical compatibility
- Naturally hydrophobic
- Particle rejection >99.99%
- Precisely designed structure to minimize dead volume.
- Stable membrane quality. No difference between batch and batch assures the analysis result consistently.


Small volume venting.HPLC sample preparation.Removal of protein precipitates. Routine QC analysis.Dissolution testing, available aseptic filter unit, water-based solution or organic solution sterilization filtration , gas filtration, corrosive liquid filtration. For PTFE mamberane usually to purfiy: Organic Solvents,Acids,Alcohols,Bases,Aromatics,Venting Applications.


Package Dimension Weight
1pack= 100pcs 8.4*8.5cm 0.09kgs
1 Carton =50packs=5000pcs 51*39*26cm 4.5kgs

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